We help our members in a number of ways:

        Helping our members fight money laundering and financial crime

        - We help our members ensure that their internal controls are robust enough to fight financial crime

        - We help shape the governance, risk and compliance of our members in ensuring that are able to identify money laundering risks and               are able to mitigate such risks. 


          - We give the European cryptoasset industry a voice and to be heard. 

          - We champion the interests of our members in front of policymakers and regulators.

          - We engage with key industry stakeholders in representing our members.

          Being knowledge and awareness

        - We keep our members up to date on key cryptoasset regulatory and policy developments across Europe.


        Shaping policy 

        - We work closely with national regulators, central banks and policy-makers in ensuring that the opinions and concerns of our                          members are addressed and taken into account. We work closely with such stakeholders and help shape their policy.


          - We provide an opportunity for all our members to network and work together in building the sector together. By working together, our              members gain collectively. 

If you wish to become a member or have a question in relation to membership, then please email us:    

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