The European Cryptoasset Trade Associate is the European trade body for cryptoasset businesses. 

We bring together people, companies, regulators and financial institutions to realise the positive outcomes of what cryptoasset technology can achieve. We create a network of innovation and collaboration between cryptoasset businesses, regulators, banks, financial institutions and governments across Europe to realise the potential of cryptoasset for people, society and the economy. 


We drive the cryptoasset community to build strong internal controls, processes and framework to meet regulatory and legal requirements. We feel that this is required in order for the cryptoasset sector to flourish and build trust and confidence amongst stakeholders, including regulators, banks, and customers. 

Welcome to the European Cryptoasset Trade Association
Repetitive Lines

Our Vision

To create trust and confidence in order for cryptoassets to be considered as an equal alternative to traditional fiat currency.

Our Purpose

To champion our members and their technologies and develop the European cryptoasset market and its potential.

For membership enquiries or enquiries relating to cryptoasset or the European Cryptoasset Trade Association, please contact us using the details below.


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Our Values

Integrity and honesty


Respect & courage

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